Institutional Locksmith Certification Program

Co-Chair – John Hubel, CML, ICML, M.Ed.
Co-Chair – Tom Ripp, CJIL

The Institutional Locksmith Certification Program (ILCP) is a series of exams that focuses on the unique character of institutional locksmithing.

The ILCP consists of three levels of certification:
  • Level 1: Certified Institutional Locksmith (CIL)
  • Level 2: Certified Journeyman Institutional Locksmith (CJIL)
  • Level 3: Certified Master Institutional Locksmith (CMIL)

Each test is $75.00 for currently paid ILA Members. For all others each test is $175.00. There will be a $25.00 re-scheduling fee if the test date or time is not met by the participant.

There is a Study Guide available for purchase.  Each ILA Chapter should have some. The Study Guide is $35.00.

It contains the information needed for the CIL level certification as well as information on the electives needed for the CJIL and CMIL levels.  It contains the Professional Locksmith Dictionary from the Lock Industry Standards and Training Council.  It is well arranged and broken down by focus areas to make the study more focused.

Each test will be proctored by your Supervisor or someone at a level above yours.  ILA Officers can also proctor the test.  A 75% minimum passing score is required.

You are not permitted to use outside reference materials or accept advice from others during the test.

You will need to bring a pen or pencil and paper for figuring.  A calculator can be used, but not the one on your phone or tablet.

Certified Institutional Locksmith (CIL)

  • The participant must pass a mandatory exam of 250 questions that will measure a participant’s knowledge of general locksmithing. Some of the subject areas include lockset functions and finishes, lock by-pass methods, life safety codes, basic master keying, ADA, OSHA Warning Signage, key ID and key codes. There are not any manufacturer “brand-specific” questions on the CIL exam. 
  • This test has a maximum time limit of 4 hours for the test itself.  The clock will stop at any break periods taken so the time allotted will be more than 4 hours.
  • The CJIL and the CMIL are advanced levels. They will require the participant to have a specific amount of “years of experience” as an institutional locksmith or related field.

Certified Journeyman Institutional Locksmith (CJIL)

  • The participant must pass an “advanced” mandatory exam of 103 questions and Six (6) elective exams that cover in-depth, manufacturer specific (e.g. Schlage, Corbin Russwin, Yale) subjects and institutional environment (e.g. university, hospital, detention) issues. These exams reflect the security products and occupational circumstances that institutional locksmiths encounter on a regular or daily basis.
  • The mandatory section of this test has a maximum time limit of 1 hour and 26 minutes.  Each elective has a specific time limit between 21 minutes to 30 minutes.  The maximum time limit for all tests is 4 hours.  The clock will stop at any break periods taken so the time allotted will be more than 4 hours.

Certified Master Institutional Locksmith (CMIL)

  • The participant will have to pass up to an additional 12 elective exams not taken to earn the CJIL.
  • Each elective has a specific time limit between 21 minutes to 30 minutes.  The maximum time limit for all tests is 4 hours.  The clock will stop at any break periods taken so the time allotted will be more than 4 hours.


Last Update 6/23/22

Key Documents Needed to Register for Certification Programs 

Persons taking the CJIL level test must choose electives and supply proof of years in industry documents, for the CMIL level test choose additional electives only. The ILA Instructions are part of this document or available at the ILA web site ( There is a Study Guide available.

Scan and Email Completed Form to

ILA Certification Program Application

The CJIL requires an examinee to have 1) at least 5 years of locksmithing industry experience, 2) select six electives from the current list and 3) at least one a pinning/cylinder/core elective and one a product/line elective. Four remaining electives are selected from the surrent list (More are constantly being developed). A second mandatory section of the CJIL includes many of the less common terms from the LIST Council Locksmith Dictionary that an experienced journeyman should be familiar with, plus some of the less common ANSI/BHMA finishes.

An additional 12 electives must be passed for the CMIL Level. Obviously, this will typically require study and research as well as hands-on preparation.

Tests are typically administered at locksmith related functions. ILA membership reduces the costs of each test level by the annual ILA Regular Member’s dues. There is an ILCP Study Guide available.

Show the industry and your facility you are a professional. Become a CIL, then a CJIL, then a CMIL.

ILA Certifcation Exam Instructions


For questions specific to this form contact ILA National Treasurer
Jim Swift
Institutional Locksmiths’ Association

P.O. Box 84, Butler, WI – 53007

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ILCP Designations Earned

The following individuals have met the requirements for the ILCP designations indicated

Brian Adkins, CIL 

Robert J. Akin, Jr., CIL 

Vincent Alfonso, CIL 

Joshua Armbruster, CMIL

Jerry J. Arnette, CIL 

Michael Ashmore, CIL 

Robert B. Ayers Jr., CMIL 

Walter Bailey, CIL 

Dennis Baker, CIL 

Randall K. Barrett, CIL

Glenn K. Bechtel, CIL 

Theodore J. Birren, CIL 

Richard Blair, CIL 

Robert Blaisdell, CIL 

Mark Blum, CMIL

Dale L. Bowman, CJIL 

Larry D. Bowman, CIL 

Jonathan G. Bradfield, CIL 

John D. Bradshaw, CIL 

David B. Brandt, CIL 

Paul Brazeau, CIL 

Donald Richard Brazil, CIL 

Karen J. Brice, CMIL 

Gregory Brockway, CIL 

Tim N. Buchanan, CIL 

James C. Butman, CIL, CMKA, CMKC 

Terry M. Campagne, CIL 

Eduardo Castillo, CIL 

Steven H. Champagne, CIL 

Barry Clark, CIL 

Lee R. Clayton,CIL 

Daryl T. Clayton, CIL 

David Cook, CIL 

Michael Cote, CIL 

Richard Crnich, CIL 

John Crowley, CIL 

Ryan Cruzan, CIL 

C. Allen Cudd, CIL 

John Cutts, CMKA 

Chad Davison, CIL 

Carl Dean, CIL 

Albert Delatorre, CIL 

Thomas R. Demont, CMIL 

Michael Dianno, CIL 

Chad M. Diemel, CIL 

Peter E. Dinschel, CIL

Paul Doerre, CMIL

Robert Druge, CIL 

William Duggan, CIL 

Richard Duskiewicz, CJIL 

Thomas Eatmon, CIL

Steven B. Engen, CJIL 

Daniel S. Enriquez, CIL 

Michael Erickson, CIL 

Ronnie Eubanks, CIL 

Joseph D. Falkenstien, CIL 

Don A. Fernandez, CIL 

Pedro Fernandez, CIL 

Anthony Ferrazzi CIL 

Kyle Finsel, CIL 

Ken Flade, CIL 

Alexander Fradkin, CIL 

James Fragassi, CIL 

Ronald G. Frei, CJIL 

Jackie Fuller, CIL 

Ralph Fuller, CIL 

Rick Funari, CIL 

Roe Gammon, CIL

Richard Gelman, CIL 

Tom J. Gillespie, CIL 

Tom Gillingham, CIL 

Michael G. Gnad, Jr., CIL 

Howard Goldstein, CIL 

Wayne Goodwin, CIL 

Svetozar Grba, CIL 

Robert C. Gress, CJIL 

David C. Grunlee, CIL 

Tom Hall, CIL, CRL 

Russell Halloran, CIL 

James Handschuh, CIL 

Dennis Harmon, CIL 

James G. Harper, CIL 

Paul Hefton, CIL 

Joshua J.F. Higgins, CIL 

Dale Himmelberg, CIL 

Leonard M. Hoffman, CIL 

Thomas H. Hojnacki, CIL 

Michael N. Homan, CIL 

Gary L. Hoodenpyle, CIL 

John Hubel, CMIL

Edmond S. Jarman, Jr., CIL 

Andrew Paul Jasiewicz, CIL 

Daniel C. Johnson, CIL 

Thomas Joiner, CIL

Byron D. Jones, CIL, CMKA 

Michael K. Jones, CIL 

William Jones, CIL 

Michael Kalhorn, CIL

Yair Kalush, CIL 

Mark A. Kandray, CIL 

Vernon Kelley, CMIL 

William Kelly, CIL 

Scott Kelso, CIL 

Elizabeth J. Kendrick, CIL 

Matthew King, CIL 

Thomas W. Kirk, Jr., CIL 

Kurt Kloeckner, CJIL 

Gregory R. Koonce, CJIL 

Owen E. Kroening, CIL 

Lonnie L. Kylander, CIL 

William Lampert, CIL 

Steven P. Larson, CIL 

Jeff Lawrence, CIL 

Leslie J. Leaneagh, CIL

Bill Lee, CMIL

Jean-Claude M. Lechantre, CIL 

Michael R. Lehnert, CIL 

Jerry Levine, CIL 

Victor Lewis, CJIL 

Gary V. Lieberman, Jr., CIL 

James L. Lindquist, CIL 

Clifford David Lipscomb, CIL 

J. D. Little, CIL 

Philip M. Losos, CIL 

John P. Lozano, CJIL 

William M. Lynk, CMIL 

Bruce Lyon, CIL 

William W. MacKenzie, CIL 

Michael Maldonado, CIL 

Gregory J. Manning, CIL 

Mark Marlowe, CIL 

Ralph D. Matthews, CIL 

Ken Maynard, CIL 

Steve Macleod, CIL 

Philip R. McGee, CIL 

Daniel F. McGlynn, CMIL 

A. Wesley McKenney, CIL 

Stephen McKinney, CIL 

Richard McNamara, CIL 

Faustino S. Melesio, CIL 

Jessey Mercado, CJIL 

Phillip Merriman, CIL 

Steve A. Meskin, CIL 

Art Misiewicz, CIL 

Lance Monroe, CIL 

Patrick F. Moran, CIL 

Thomas E. Mulvihill, CIL 

Warren Murphy III CIL 

Thomas Negron, CIL 

James Neuman, CIL 

Wai Kin Ng, CIL 

Dean Nickel, CIL 

Kenneth R. Nielsen, CIL 

Steven E. Nitkowski, CJIL 

Ken Olson, CIL 

Edward H. I. Ong, CIL 

Donald O’Shall, CMIL, CMKA 

Joel Pagan, CIL 

Raymond R. Panfil II, CIL 

Charles H. Park Jr., CJIL 

Bill Petley, CIL 

Kevin T. Piper, CIL 

Brand W. Pletcher, CIL 

Michael G. Powell, CIL 

Paul Quatrano, CIL 

Bruce T. Rahn, CIL 

John Rendle, CJIL, CMKA 

Lee W. Rink, CJIL, CMKA, CMKC 

Eduardo Rios, CIL 

Tom Ripp, CMIL, CMKA 

Clyde T. Roberson, CIL 

Slawomir Rog, CIL 

William C Rogers, CIL 

E. Frederick Ross Jr, CIL 

Steven Ross, CIL 

Francis S. Ruk, Jr., CIL 

Michael Rumage, CIL 

Sarah Russell, CIL 

Paul F. Sanders, CIL 

Robert Schlegel, CIL 

Rick Schroedle, CIL 

Joseph K. Schuerman, CIL 

Robert J. Schuetrumpf, CJIL 

Alexander J. Schulke, CIL 

David Sharpe, CIL 

Thomas J. Siegfried, CIL 

Thomas Simmons, CIL 

Ed Siuzdak, CIL 

John Slawinski, CIL 

Hendrick J (Hank) Smit, CIL 

Don Smith, CIL, CMKA, CMKC 

Jason T. Smith, CIL 

Terry Smith, CIL 

Harry G. Snook, CIL 

Jay W. Soderland, CIL 

John Soderland, CJIL, CMKA 

Richard Soto, CIL 

James Stefanski, CIL 

Karen M. Strohmeyer, CJIL 

Frank R. Strope, CIL 

James A. Stuerebaut, Jr., CIL 

John P. Sullivan, CIL 

Michael Sullivan (MA), CIL 

James Swanson, CIL 

James L. Swift, CIL, CMKA 

David Teel, CIL 

Robert Thomas, CIL 

Scott Thomas, CIL 

Tyler J. Thomas, CJIL, CMKA 

George E. Thrash, CIL 

Angel Toro, CIL 

Rodney Trautz, CIL 

Kevin Treadway, CIL 

John Truempy, CMIL 

Branden Tucker, CIL

Vincent Twenter, CIL 

Arturo Urbano, CIL 

William J. Vollmer, CIL 

Rockwell Wagner, CIL 

Scott W. Walbert, CIL 

Jack A. Walder, CJIL 

Tony West, CJIL 

Richard G. Wilcox, CIL 

Jonathan Williams, CIL 

Keith S. Williams, CIL 

Tara L. Williams, CJIL 

Dan Wills, CJIL 

Roger Yost, CIL 

Eric C. Zeoli, CIL 

Michael Ziaja, CIL 

Walter J. Zubik, CIL 



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