We are locksmiths, carpenters and building engineers employed by and/or working for colleges, universities, hospitals, companies, institutions, and government facilities and involved in the installation, servicing, maintenance, specifying and/or recommending of mechanical, electromechanical or electronic security and life safety hardware. 



Purpose of the Institutional Locksmiths' Association

Institutional locksmiths found themselves with problems but nowhere to turn for help. We needed a forum to be able to discuss problems which occur in the institutional environment, such as:

  • Help with key control and master keying issues
  • Help with technical information
  • Help locating parts, supplies, key codes, etc.  

Benefits to Institutions

We are dedicated to increasing our professionalism for the benefit of our institutions through .

  • Education 
  • Communication 
  • Cooperation
  • Certification

Our Corporate and Associate Members include factory representatives and distributors of locksmith and security hardware and supplies. These contacts are invaluable to your institution by offering to members of the ILA:

  • Free or low cost training
  • Products and Updates
  • New Product Reviews

Benefits to the Industry

The ILA acts as a liaison between Institutional Locksmiths and Mainstream Locksmiths through cooperative efforts with Industry Associations, as well as helping our members to better assist external providers to do their work more professionally. We welcome those mainstream Locksmiths who have a strong interest in the care and handling of an Institution’s security hardware related needs. The ILA offers low cost training on Institutional hardware at their National Education Conference. Additionally, our members represent thousands of doors, giving us a strong voice in the industry, which can benefit all Locksmiths.